Tradition, technology and passion

Kross forms a harmonious combination between tradition, technology and passion. The Belgian tradition in manufacturing auto oils and the latest generation technology at the highest European standards, that’s being assured by a continuous collaboration with the most important automotive producers, are coming to accomplish our passion for horsepower.

We work with the biggest refineries from Europe. Our product portfolio contains a complex and wide range of latest generation motor oil for cars, transportation, agriculture, industry and navy – motor oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, oil for compressors, antifreeze and many other special products.

The success triumphed by our products in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East and United States of America motivates us to continuously invest in the research and development of the production capacity. Our specialists are always synchronized with the rapid evolution of automotive industry and they apply the latest specifications of auto manufacturers, continuously providing complete solutions for the highest standards.
All these mentioned for you to be able to enjoy your vehicle’s performances.

KROSS. Release your horsepower.

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EXEO – Set your engine free!

KROSS OIL EXEO LL 5W30Latest generation motor oils, 100% synthetic, specially designed to enhance the car’s power and to maintain its performances as long as possible.

EXEO range of products is satisfying the strictest requirements of …

CELERA – Put your horses to work!

KROSS OIL CELERA 10W40Synthetic base motor oils, with an excellent viscosity which assures superior performance for the entire year.

Celera range of oils assures a good cold start and the maintaining of lubricate properties at high temperatures.

PRIOR – The perfect reward for your engine!

KROS OIL PRIOR 15W40Mineral motor oil, multiple degrees, developed to assure a high level of protection and performance considering the traffic condition and the level of engine exploitation in order to function at an optimal level.

PRIOR range of products benefits from a formula based on …

CARRUS range of motor oils

KROSS OIL CARRUS 15W40 TDIt is destined for engines that function in off-road regime and for commercial transportation. Its excellent properties are preventing premature wear and are assuring an extended period before changing the oil again.

CARRUS oils are satisfying the most recent specifications of European manufacturers and …

HYDRO – Hydraulic oils

HYDRO – Hydraulic oilsKROSS range of hydraulic oils was designed especially for satisfying the demand of the most important producers of hydraulic equipment.

These hydraulic oils are based on mineral oil improved with additives for anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming. …

TRANS, MATIC, CHF, – Transmission oils

TRANS, MATIC, CHF, - Transmission oils

TRANS and MATIC ranges of products: transmission oils of superior quality, formulated with additives specially selected for obtaining the following additives:

  • Stable and high degree of viscosity
  • Low varying of viscosity depending on temperature
  • Very low pour point …

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